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Halit Eriş,

was born in Vienna, Austria in 1993. He received his Bachelor of Science (B.S) degree in Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department from Çukurova University in 2016. After graduation from his B.S education, he had have worked in the industry for 2 years as an Electrical-Electronical Engineer. He received his Master of Science (MSc) degree in the Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department of Çukurova University in 2020. He has been working as a Research Assistant in the Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department of Çukurova University since 2018. Having his PhD education.


He has founded his company: TENSOR, in 2020 in Çukurova TGB. Tensor serves in Engineering solutions for Electrical cars, IoT based smart-devices and autonomous systems.

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His research areas are Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Digital Design, and Embedded Systems.


His hobbies are lead-guitar playing with electric guitar, gaming and streaming.

( can be reached here:        )   

" Digital Blog - Keep yourself updated. " is a blog which you can find handy add-ons such as pdf files, apps, and news about upcoming developments, and announcements, especially for Cukurova University, Electrical-Electronic Engineering students. The website is planned to be updated weekly with news about lab announcements and upcoming technological news.


Email me at:

Halit ERIS

Research Assistant,

Electrical-Electronics Engineering 

Cukurova University Adress



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