EEE-419 Programmable Logic Controllers Laboratory


Hello dear students,

All the announcements and downloadable contents for EEE-419 Programmable Logic Controllers Laboratory shall be shared in this section. 


PLC Laboratories shall start next week ! (13.12.2021) PLC  Laboratuvarlarımız önümüzdeki hafta başlayacak ! (13.12.2021)

We will continue the laboratory in 13.12.2021.

PLC groups are updated. You can find the laboratory list below:

Laboratory notes:




Basic laboratory rules:

1- Be sure to bring your laboratory notes provided here or photocopy-shop of the department.

2- Do not be late. Latency will not be tolerated.

3- After each laboratory, please upload your laboratory report according to the template below:

See you at the lab!

Ress. Asst. Halit ERİŞ