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EEE-495 Introductıon to embedded systems

Hello dear students, you can find information and announcements about EEE-495 Introduction to Embedded Systems.

Please attend to EEE-495 Introduction to Embedded Systems course to learn about the equipment and tools which will be used for the coming laboratory courses.

For any query, you can contact me.

Res. Asst. Halit ERİŞ

18.12.2019 18:00

Here is the LCD code. GOOD LUCK in your Projects.

Remember, Office Hours: 16:00-17:00

Hello everyone. Since you received the projects, work hard on projects. Good luck!

The LCD Screen you asked for is given below:

A 2x16 LCD screen would suit your needs.

Last experiments (Serial Com.) codes were given below.


On 12-13 November 2019 - Laboratory classes are Off.


Wednesday groups time schedule has changed!

It's updated as Wednesday 08:15 - 09:15!


It is discussed with Asst.Prof. Ercan AVŞAR, Introduction to IoT lecture shall start at 09:30!

28.09.2019 - New Update!

Laboratory groups are ready. You can find the lab groups below. The form is no more available. To apply for Wednesday 09:00 group, please send me an e-mail.


22.09.2019 - Old Update.

Students are responsible to fill the laboratory registration form below.

Every laboratory group is limited to 30 students.

If any problem occurs and groups filled by more than 30 students in any case,

first 30 students shall be taken into consideration, rest shall be placed in other groups according to form fill time.

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