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EEE-332 Digital Design Laboratory



Hello dear students,


Here you can find the latest announcements and news about EEE-332 Digital Design Laboratory. 



Step-by-step instructions for registering and uploading reports to the Turnitin system:

​ ​

- Enter the website

​ ​

- Go to the login screen by looking at the "Login" button in the upper right corner.

​ ​

-  Select your user profile as "Student".

​ ​

- To class ID: 34081019 and

Create your profile by typing  "332D" into the Class Registration Key.

​ ​

- After entering the main menu, you can load your laboratory report by selecting the EEE 334 Control Theory 2021-2022 class.

​ ​

Please check the Laboratory groups below:



For proteus 8 installation I suggest you follow the given video, install carefully:

Disclaimer: The video is just a guideline, please install it safely.

Also if you prefer using Logisim, it is available at:

The Lab report template is given below. You have to fill it according to the information given in the file.

Laboratory Sheets:

You can subscribe for coming announcements down below.



"It's not important how slow you step forward, since you never stop."

Asst. Halit ERİŞ

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